About Solar

As solar panels have no moving parts, there is very little maintenance required. Often refered to as "fit and forget". They should last 25 years or more.

Basically the components involved included:

- solar panels: which capture the sun's light.

- mounting system for the panels to be safely, and securely fixed to the roof.

- inverter: which converts the electricity generated in the solar panels into useable electricity for your house, and the surplus exported to the National Grid. Often the inverter is mounted in a loft space. It should be expected that the inverter will need replacing over the life time of the system.

- a digital generation meter, similar to most modern meters provided by the "electricity board".

- ancillaries: such as cables, isolator switches

Most clients are pleasantly surprised at how unintrusive the installation is!

You can have a look at some information provided by the Energy Saving Trust, which is unaffiliated to Midori Solar on the following link: